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DS500CL Full Size Underbench Washer Disinfector

Manufacturer Steelco

Specifically designed for installations with limited space, this model is suitable for the treatment of a large quantity of all types of dental instruments.

The high capacity chamber, the washing and hot air drying on two independent levels, which are normally seen on larger machines, allows this device to be used following on everyday needs. The powerful cleaning and disinfecting system guarantees short program durations that reach high level performances in terms of cleaning quality, thermodisinfection and drying.

DS500CL can be integrated into existing furniture of treatment rooms, and also with functional side cabinets or ergonomic stands.

  • 240V 13A electrical supply
  • 1h 35min cycle - quicker cycle available 5.6kW machine
  • Steelco heritage - exceptionally reliable
  • Full glass door - complete visibility of spray arm rotation
  • Soft touch display within glass panel - ease of cleaning
  • USB data download - no more external data logging
  • Installs into existing services
  • 120ml of detergent per cycle
  • Less expensive on going maintenance
  • Heavy washing pump to ensure high water flow rate combined with effective spray pressure
  • Two automatic liquid dispensers
  • Triple water filtering system captures residue, preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life
  • 600 x 850 x 630mm (WHD)