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Secure digital LDU record storage from Dolby Medical

We are launching a new facility for our service contract customers - COMPLY-SAFE.

COMPLY-SAFE is a secure on-line storage system where we hold an individual customers LDU & Compressed air service reports digitally - enabling them to be accessed at any time, by the simple click of a button.

The system is designed to make record keeping easy and safe. If a customer needs to access records of LDU equipment maintained and re-validated by Dolby - this can be done instantly by logging into their COMPLY-SAFE account from their phone, tablet or computer. The records can then be viewed or printed off as required.

For full information on our COMPLY-SAFE service please contact Iain Pryde (Product Manager) 07788 150900 or Gillian Wylie (Key Account Manager) on 07551 203893.


If you currently use a number of different contractors for your equipment servicing - and find coordinating service appointments and the associated down-time of servicing an inconvenience - we have the solution, a Dolby multi-equipment contract. Our engineers can service all of your LDU equipment and compressors in one visit, saving you time, hassle and money. A multiequipment service contract, combined with Dolby Medical COMPLY-SAFE, could be the perfect answer to keeping al your Compliance records together, safe and easy to access.


If you have any queries regarding LDU equipment, from advice on the best products to suit your needs to technical support on using or looking after the equipment have have or even information on LDU regulations and compliance requirements - please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01786 460600.

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