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Covering all major manufacturers Ultrasonic Cleaners, Washer Disinfectors, Autoclaves, Air Compressors.

Introducing our new low cost service and repair option at our Stirling based workshop. This is aimed to provide our customers the chance to avoid call out fee’s or contracts but yet still have the peace of mind knowing your equipment is serviced by a fully trained and accredited engineer.

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A new Washer Disinfector from only £135 per month & trade in options of up to £2000!

Isn’t it time you thought about an upgrade?

Whatever the size of your practice or space limitations you may have, Dolby Medical has a washer disinfector to suit you. Each of them have generous trade-in offers for your old unit, all run from a standard 13A socket, so no need for expensive electrical work, and all come complete with installation, validation and service plan.

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Dolby Medical Limited

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The Dental Directory has acquired the Scottish dental equipment specialist Dolby Medical Limited.

Operating for almost 45 years The Dental Directory, is one of the largest UK dental wholesaler and provides a range of products and services to dentists across the UK including dental consumables, oral hygiene, facial aesthetics, dental equipment, including installation and maintenance as well as hand piece repairs.

Dolby Medical supplies equipment, servicing and ancillary dental products to NHS dental practitioners, private practices, hospitals and dental centres in Scotland. They provide an extensive range of specialist dental equipment and accompanying consumables, notably Local Decontamination Unit (LDU) equipment and air compressors. The parties will offer an alternative supply to the large manufacturers and other dental wholesalers.

Based in Stirling, Dolby Medical, have the largest fully qualified and manufacturer trained engineering team in Scotland and a technical support team offering tailored advice to specific customer requirements as well as providing training information and installation guidance.

Mark Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer of The Dental Directory said:
“We are delighted that Dolby Medical is to be part of the business. It has a long established and highly respected name in the Scottish healthcare market and it is a natural fit for The Dental Directory. The existing management team, which will continue to lead the business, has done excellent work in delivering strong business performance and customer service”

“Dolby Medical will continue to supply all its existing customers, including independent dentists and practices. Its capabilities and expertise are entirely complementary and will expand the engineering services offered to Dental Directory clients, whilst Dolby customers will be provided with a superior choice of medical supplies partner”.
Speaking on the transaction, Dolby Medical’s Managing Director Derek Gordon commented: “We are very pleased to be partnering The Dental Directory. They strongly support our strategy to develop the proposition for our customers and to make Dolby Medical’s specialist services more widely available”.



Dental chair manufacturer Anthos has just unveiled two revolutionary new models as part of its range - the L9 and the L6 – and as the sole supplier of Anthos chairs in Scotland we can now offer these to our dental customers.

The L6 is the brand’s most compact, flexible and userfriendly model to date. Designed and built to optimise time efficiency and make a dentist’s day more productive, it can be easily personalised with a full range of hygiene systems, instruments, multimedia devices and integrated X-ray units, ensuring optimal performance, providing more space and enhancing working flexibility.

The new L9 chair rewrites the rules on ergonomics with a seat that flexes at the patients knee joint. Providing the patient with quick and easy access it is available in both continental and side delivery configurations. The L9 combines freedom of working movement for the dentist with new levels of patient comfort - our engineers claim it is in class of its own.

Dolby Medical Managing Director, Derek Gordon said: “These two new products are a brilliant addition to the already impressive line-up of Anthos chairs. We are looking forward to explaining to our dental customers the benefits they can bring to a practice.”

For more information on the L6, L9 and entire Anthos range please contact us on 01786 460600.


For a few more weeks we are offering dentists who have Anthos dental chairs within their practice the chance to have them fully health checked by one of our engineers free of charge.

This free service will ensure your chair is in the best possible condition and set-up to work at its optimum.

To book an Anthos chair check for your practice, please contact us on 01786 460600. Please call soon as we only have a limited number of slots available for this free service.


Our finance partner LDF, is a leading provider of financial solutions to the UK dental profession.

LDF offer a wide range of lease and loan solutions that can enable you to make the most of your cash flow by spreading the cost of large items of expenditure, making way for investment in other areas.

Finance facilities available include:

Tax Finance

Covering the cost of your tax bill can be a considerable outlay for any practice. A tax loan solution can help streamline this requirement, making the cost easier to manage. (Terms available from 6 to 12 months.)

Equipment Finance

An equipment finance solution can help spread the cost of a wide range of dental assets over 12 – 60 months.

Refurbishment Loans

Delivering the right environment for your clients is both essential and costly.

Practices can better accommodate this investment with specific finance options available from 12 to 60 months, covering a wide range of expenditure, from patient systems and furniture, to air-conditioning, decontamination rooms and EPOS equipment.

For more information or to apply for a facility today, please contact our LDF representative, Shaun Watts, on 01244 527300 | or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Renowned dental chair manufacturer Anthos (part of the prestigious CEFLA Dental Solutions Group) has chosen us, Dolby Medical, as its partner. We will now be able to supply, install and service the full range of Anthos dental chairs in Scotland. Our Managing Director, Derek Gordon said: “Cefla as a company is very selective when deciding who to do business with and our combination of experience, expertise and engineering skill, won us the exclusive contract to sell, install and service these dental chairs in Scotland. The dental chair is at the heart of every practice and is critical to patient comfort and care so keeping this equipment in top condition is of exceptional importance.”

We will be supplying the full Anthos range, A3 – A9 in both continental and international configurations but expect the A3, A5 and A7 models to be especially popular.

The A3 is known for its simplicity and user friendliness, the A5 combines exceptional patient comfort with perfect integration of instruments and the A7 is built around an ‘open’ technological platform, ready to receive highperformance instruments and can be personalised to meet a dentist’s specific needs.

We believe the Anthos range is exceptional and we are all are looking forward to the opportunity to explain the real benefits of this equipment to all our customers. Please contact us direct on 01786 460600 if you’d like more information on Anthos dental chairs.

Free - Anthos Chair Health Check Do you already have an Anthos chair?

If so for a limited time we are offering the chance of a free health check service for your chair to ensure it is in the best possible condition. To book an Anthos chair check for your practice contact Martin on 07584 414452.


Having worked with Scottish dentists for over 20 years we are able to put our expertise and experience to good use in advising practices of all sizes on the best decontamination equipment and processes for their businesses. Our engineering team recently completed a re-fit for Saltire Dental Care in Glenrothes in Fife, installing new Ultraclean 3 500 Full Size Underbench Washer Disinfectors and two Lisa 517 FAST autoclaves which are auto filled and self draining. Our aim was to provide the practice with machines that would both aid the dental nurses and reduce costs. With super quick (sub 20 minute) vacuum cycle times the Lisa FAST autoclaves fit the bill and with impressive 17L chamber capacity, holding 10 dental cassettes, they also and achieve completely dry instruments every time.

John Coull, Owner of Saltire Dental said: “Dolby worked with us to design, specify, install and train our staff on the new equipment. It is already making a huge difference, saving us both time and money.”

If you would like to speak to us about any plans you have for your dental practice, small or large, our friendly team is waiting to take your call.


A quick reminder for our dental customers with washerdisinfectors supplied as part of the 2013 NHS installation programme, these machines are now coming up for service contract renewal so if you have not already heard from us, please do get in touch to discuss the very best service contract deals for this equipment going forward. We hope to hear from you soon.



As we prepare to grow our services for dental customers, we are also growing our team by investing in strategic positions within the company.

Jennifer Mackay joined our senior team in January as our new General Manager. With a wealth of operational experience, and a genuine desire to build on Dolby’s reputation as a quality service provider.

Also new to Dolby are Jill McPhee (Service Admin Assistant) and Pamela McAleese (Sales Coordinator) who in their respective roles are dedicated to attending to customer queries coming into our office. Jill has a background in a fast paced customer care environment which is ideal for the dental marketplace. Pamela, from previous sales and coordination focused roles, already has an excellent ability to connect with practices and understand the commercial needs in our business to business relationships.

With our ongoing success in contract consolidation and to increase our level of support for our loyal customers we are also pleased to announce the successful recruitment of an additional field engineer.

In addition to our investment in people, we are developing Netsuite – the world’s leading integrated management software system, which enables us to do everything from business accounting and resource planning to customer relationship marketing. Jennifer supported the implementation of this system in her previous role at a global corporate business and is already making good progress in all aspects of Netsuite - the ultimate goal being to benefit both our customers and the service Dolby can offer.


Our engineers have been blown away by how good the new W&H Lisa FAST autoclave is. This machine is a step ahead of the competition and we are so confident you’ll love it we are offering our dental customers the chance to try it out in their practices before committing to buy it. With a cycle time of just 14 minutes it is the fastest vacuum autoclave we know and it uses just half the water of its nearest competitor. Featuring a built-in water quality meter, reversible chamber for cassettes, auto fill and drain, touch screen and in-built data logger it is perfect for every size of practice.

If you are in the market for a new autoclave and would like a week’s trial to experience the benefits, please contact Pamela on 01786 460606 or Iain Pryde (Product Manager) on 07788 150900 to arrange your trial.

We have also negotiated a major price discount for the first few customers who try and then buy this autoclave. For a limited time we can supply it for just £3,995* (RRP £5,200*). That’s a saving of over 20% so it is well worth calling soon!

Typical lease purchase including full maintenance cover can be offered at only £147* per month over a 5 year period (subject to financial approval). Further discount is also available if trading in an existing unit of any model.
*Price excludes VAT.



To give our dental customers the best possible start to 2015 we are offering the chance to have a Dolby expert carry out a free Savings Audit of your premises.

Two of our most senior staff members, Iain Pryde our Product Manager who has over 10 years experience as a qualified service engineer and Gillian Wylie, our Key Account Manager who has a strong clinical background from her experience as a dental nurse, have a limited number of appointments available for customers to book a free premises audit.

They will visit your practice with the sole aim of finding ways to save you money through improvements in LDU efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Iain Pryde said: “Gillian and I have visited thousands of dentists over our careers and we are confident that we can identify ways of saving each practice money by looking at their current equipment and processes and identifying small changes that could lead to big savings. In 2014 we offered free washer disinfector training sessions which were exceptionally popular so I would urge any dentists keen to book an audit to contact us quickly as we only have a limited number of slots available.”

If you are interested in reserving a free Savings Audit appointment please contact Iain Pryde (Product Manager) on 07788 150900 or Gillian Wylie (Key Account Manager) on 07551 203 893.


Still on the topic of saving money, if your service contracts are up for renewal soon then don’t hesitate to contact us about the possibility of setting up a multi-equipment contract with Dolby. Our engineers are qualified to service an array of dental equipment including ultrasonic cleaners, washer disinfectors, autoclaves and even air compressors. By placing more pieces of your equipment in our care we can offer you benefits not only in terms of cost savings but also through less hassle, as you will be able have all your machines serviced at the same time. Please call us for more information.


We currently offer Scottish dentists a one-stopshop for all their LDU needs, from sales and consumables to servicing and repairs, however we have exciting developments taking place. Very soon we will be dramatically expanding the range of services and products we can provide to our dental customers. Please watch this space for details.



Festive spirits are high at Dolby and we’d like to take this opportunity to pass on our good wishes and thanks to all of our customers for choosing to work with us throughout 2014. We really appreciate your loyalty and business and hope that we can continue to be of service to you in 2015. We have ambitious plans for next year including adding a number of new specialist products to our portfolio - so we can further extend the range of equipment we both supply and service for our dental customers.

If you would like to find out more about the full range of products and services we can offer, including technical advice, test products, sales and servicing, validation, multi-equipment service contracts, our COMPLY-SAFE secure record storage facility or the new product lines we have coming on stream in 2015, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


For many of our customers the switch to using washer disinfectors has led to an increased demand for autoclave capacity. If you are looking to replace or add an autoclave to your practice then we’d love to help. Our technical experts can insure you get the right machine for your business, both in terms of capacity, cycle time and cost. We supply both W&H and Prestige autoclaves (vacuum and non-vacuum models) and our engineers can install, validate and service both types of machines. With capacities of 16, 17 or 22 litres and cycle times as short as fourteen minutes, a new autoclave could help improve the efficiency of your business.


If saving money is near the top of your New Year’s resolution list then speak to us about the extra savings and huge benefits in terms of convenience that can be made by taking out a Dolby multi-equipment service contract.

Our engineers are qualified to service an extensive range of dental equipment including ultrasonic cleaners, washer disinfectors, autoclaves and even air compressors. The more pieces of equipment you place on contract with us, the greater value you’ll receive, plus the benefit of being able to have all your machines serviced at the same time. Please call us for more information.

Please visit our website to see the range of products on offer and if you’d like to have a “no obligation” discussion about this equipment with one of our technical team please contact Iain Pryde (Product Manager) on 07788 150 900 or Gillian Wylie (Key Account Manager) on 07551 203 893.



Our customers can benefit from extra savings and huge benefits in terms of convenience if they choose to take out a Dolby multi-equipment service contract.

If you currently use a number of different contractors for your equipment servicing - and find coordinating service appointments and the associated downtime of servicing an inconvenience – then this is the solution. Our engineers are qualified to service all of your LDU equipment including ultrasonic cleaners, washer disinfectors, autoclaves, and even air compressors.

A multi-equipment service contract with us enables all of this equipment to be checked during the same engineer’s visit, saving you time and the extra expenses associated with having individual contracts with different businesses.

Let us take away the headache of ensuring that all of your LDU equipment is maintained and serviced in compliance with NHS regulations.

Dr. Fern Stewart from Glasgow Southside Ortho said: “A multi-equipment contract is excellent value, saving my practice both money and time. Dolby’s engineers are highly trained, understand all of our equipment, arrive on time and carry out all of our LDU servicing in one visit.

” For more information on Dolby multiple equipment contracts please contact Iain Pryde m: 07788 150 900 or Gillian Wylie m: 07551 203 893


Our free washer disinfector-training programme has been a sparkling success. We have visited over 130 dentists in the past two months to provide refresher training on the use of washer disinfectors. From Dumfries to Inverurie we have crossed the country, received a great welcome and enabled the dentists to make the most of using these critical pieces of equipment.

‘As of November 2012 the use of washer disinfectors as the primary source of dental instrument cleaning became mandatory. Using this equipment effectively reduces risks to patients and staff and it is also far less expensive to run than you may think.’

We are always on hand to help and answer any washer disinfector queries you have – just call.


Our aim is to offer Scottish dentists a onestop- shop for all their service needs, from sales and consumables to servicing and repairs. Visit our website for more information or please give us a call if you need advice or information on any of the services we can provide.



We have introduced new air compressor services for our customers – so your drills keep on drilling. As well as being the sole suppliers of DentalAir sterile air compressor packages - capable of accommodating any size practice from a single chair to a forty room Hospital department and available from us on a sale or lease basis - our engineers can also service an extensive range of compressed air appliances from other manufacturers. And should your compressor fail, we have an emergency loan system in place to ensure it is “business as usual”.

Dr Ian Barbour from Barbour Dental Care said: ”When our air compressor went down Dolby provided a lifeline. We had an engineer on site the same day and once it was discovered that it wouldn’t be feasible to fix in-situ, he produced an air compressor from his van – as if by magic. The result was that we only had to re-schedule a few appointments as opposed to dozens whilst our equipment was being repaired.”

For more information on DentalAir sales and leasing or on adding an air compressor to your Dolby servicing contract please contact Iain Pryde on 07788 150 900 or Gillian Wylie on 07551 203 893.


Our free washer disinfector training programme is now underway and we are already visiting dentists across the country to provide them with a refresher in using this equipment. Due to the fantastic response we have been receiving to this offer we have decided to continue providing free training for another few months. So, if you have had a washer disinfector installed by us and have a service contract with us for this equipment, then don’t miss out on this opportunity to make sure you are using it to best advantage. If you are interested please contact Iain Pryde or Gillian Wylie.


Our new Comply-Safe secure on-line storage system is up and running. Comply-Safe is a unique facility where we can hold an individual customer’s LDU records digitally and provide access to them at the click of a button.

So whether you are a single handed practice or a group of dental practices we are confident everyone will enjoy the benefits of Comply-Safe. Call for more details.

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